Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Month of "Sundays"

Well, "the day has come and passed".................retirement! As of today, I have officially been retired for one month. YEA! Guess I'd better change my "profile". My, where has the time gone?

I've heard "other people" say that they were so busy, after they retired, that they wondered how they ever had time to work. All I can reply, is that I've found the above statement to be "TOTALLY TRUE"!!! The first 3 weeks felt like an "extended vacation" without the traveling.
I'm still waiting for the phone to ring, and someone to ask, "When are you coming back? Don't you think that you've been off long enough?" NOT

The time so far has just flown by. I don't have a tenth of the projects completed that I intended to have done by now. Guess I'd better write a "to do schedule list". Of course, I do have some "unintended" projects completed (crochet, of course), and some more started. Anyone heard that Christmas is coming? LOL

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