Friday, April 1, 2011

Good-bye to my "4-footed angel"

Kayley was my beloved Lhasa Apso. She came to me in the early summer of 1997. I've had many dogs in my lifetime, but she was my special angel. Anyone who is a dog lover will understand the loss that I feel now. She was my friend, my confidant who always listened with unconditional love.
Her joy when I would come home after being gone, whether it was just a few minutes or from my work hours, made her day complete. She would curl up on a doggie pillow anywhere I happened to be, whether it was by my computer, or the living room couch, or bedtime.

She loved to travel with me, even though she had to wear her "doggy seatbelt" , seated upon 3 pillows to give her enough height to see out the windows. It was always an adventure that she enjoyed, whether the drive was just across town, or 5 to 13 hrs long. She never complained, but how she loved those "potty stops", all the new smells and sights to see.

I recently found out that I was actually her third owner, so her real age is really unknown to me, but I know she was between 15 and 17 years old. And as with people, her age was beginning to show a decline in her health. But she will always live in my heart and mind as long as I live. Goodbye, my sweet angel, I will love you forever. And I know someday we will be reunited, and that you will have the energy and health of your young life.