Friday, May 9, 2008

Works in Progress

Remember how you feel after a huge Thanksgiving Meal? Like your eyes were too big for your tummy.............. Well, I think maybe my works in progress are the same. LOL

This is a "shawl" that I am making for a friend for her birthday. I will probably modify the pattern somewhat as you end up working the "points" of the pineapples separately, and I dislike doing that so will add a "fan" between them bridging the points. This was an idea given by another person, using the Pineapple Fan Chair Set located at Celt's Vintage Crochet :
Pineapple Fan Chair Set
A chair back doily that works as a shawl if you use worsted weight and a large hook (like a K) that has pineapples in it. Will try and post a picture of this when it's finished.

Another project, I'm working on is another "My Favorite Pineapple Afghan" in spruce and cream. Have one square to go, and then the border.
This is soooooooo easy, and I love how they look when they are finished.

Another afghan is in the works also. A "Wedding of Roses Afghan" for a dear friend and her new husband. This one appears to be blocks but they are actually worked all in one piece, and since it's filet, this is very simple.

It's 3 blocks by 5, so it's almost 2/3 's of the way completed. Gee, hope they aren't in any hurry. I picked the "Claret" color in honor of the red roses given to her by her husband.

Another filet crochet project is a rooster that I am doing in thread for a Christmas gift for this year. It looks like it will be large enough to frame when completed.

And almost last, but no means, less important is a Round Rainbow Baby Afghan. I think this pattern is sooooooooooo special. I loved it the very first time I saw it. Just need to finish adding the fringe.

Now the last project is a CAL of a pineapple tote. I have everything except "the time" to get it rolling . (That's why there aren't any pictures of it yet.) LOL And that's just what is on the crochet front, also have some craft project ideas doodling around in my brain.
And with SPRING finially here, outside projects are also calling!
Happy Hooking to all! Lace


puggerhugger said...

I love the pineapple stuff!

battatter said...

ooh love the rainbow colored thingy. Also love filet crochet. I can't crochet, but I have filet tatted a bat mat for Halloween once!